Auto-linked topic URLs don't "prettify"

In one of my hosted-Discourse communities,, when I include a bare URL, it doesn’t turn into a linked title… I would’ve sworn that was an it-just-works-feature. Am I nuts?

…waaaaaaaaaait a minute. I was working on something else, and it did magically prettify it.

Does category security affect how that works? I’m an admin so I see everything, but maybe the title auto-prettify code is noticing a bare URL to a category with security . . .

In your image, I see that there is a . after your link. In order for URLs to turn into a onebox, they need to be alone on a line.

For example, just a URL on a line and nothing else:

…will get a onebox, but .
…will not because of the . character.


…but it’s not about oneboxing. There’s a feature where it will take a bare URL, for a topic in the same discourse site, and turn it into the topic-title linked.

I think it does. Revealing the titles of topics in restricted categories would be a data leak.

I’m not sure if it’s smart enough to allow links to other categories with equal restrictions to be prettified or not. But you can always manually post the link with its title.

…except, the title is in the URL itself for links to the this-same-discourse-site. So it’s already effectively leaked.

(To be clear: I’m leaking it by pasting a URL to a secured topic, in a public topic.)

True… but it’s probably one function in the code which handles all the possible URL formats, which don’t have to include topic titles. (Or the title could have changed.)

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Yes, only public categories will work for inline oneboxing. For example, if I was to paste in an URL to a PM here, it would not expand, since that would reveal information about the PM to everyone.


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