Problem after installing plugin

After installing the plugin, I cannot access my site. My transactions are correct. There are errors in the picture. What is the problem?

Can you please post which plugin you just installed and any other details, and also paste the error txt in a post, it is too difficult to read in the screenshot. Please also make sure you are on a latest Discourse version.

Can you access your site in safe mode? I just visited it myself and it is not down.

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It’s working for me.

What plugin did you install?

Were you getting a 502 error that went away 2 minutes after you posted this?

I installed 3 plugins
Gamification ,who’s online , reaction
./launcher rebuild app After entering the code, when the installation was completed, my site did not open for 15 20 minutes.
The site opened later on its own.

You probably need more RAM. How much RAM do you have? This isn’t a RPi, is it ?

It’s expected that a ./launcher rebuild app would take 20 minutes, but not a ./launcher start would take 20 minutes. That usually takes about 2.

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PuTTY ew.

Do yourself a favour and install Windows Terminal.


2 GB ram 2xcpu

And it took 20 minutes after the ./launcher rebuild app completed?

yes this is the first time

I couldn’t reach the site for 20 minutes

I’ve installed plugins 50 times before and nothing like this has ever happened.

It could be a fluke, then.

You can see if ./launcher restart app takes a long time.

You could rebuild again (which will have 15+ minutes of downtime).


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