Problem installing Discourse on AWS EC2 instance

Hi everyone !

I’m trying to install Discourse on a AWS EC2 instance (t2.micro) but it gets stuck here…
SHould I get a bigger instance or something wrong happened ?
Thank you guys !

The t2.micro instance may not be powerful enough to handle the demands of installing Discourse. Consider upgrading to a larger instance like t2.medium or t2.large for better performance.

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Thank you, it works well as expected.
(I was trying to find a free solution lmaoo)

If an installation stalls, I would recommend
vmstat 5 5
to see what the machine is doing. This will also tell us how the memory and swap are configured. Also worthwhile to check for out-of-memory conditions
dmesg | egrep -2 -i oom

For a given machine size, a large enough forum will have performance problems. But if RAM+swap is big enough, things should still work, but slowly.

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