Problem running bin/ember-cli

I’m trying to set up a development environment on Ubuntu and so after doing the following;

cd ~/discourse
Proxying to
⠋ building… [ember-auto-import-webpack]Killed

It always stops at that point?

Do you also start up rails on another terminal before that?

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Yes that runs fine. Then in another terminal I’m trying to start ember-cli and it gets to the point highlighted above which just stops.

Are you running out of memory? Is this a lightweight VM? What resources do you have?

Anything show in dmesg?

You can also bin/ember-cli -u to do both.


And indeed it was a memory problem. Which is a bit strange considering it’s 2 GBs. It seems be loading up okay.

Thanks for both your prompt responses.


Oh! I missed that memo! I’ll check that out.


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