Problem testing Badge Query from Data Explorer

Should I be able to run any Badge Query in Data Explorer?

I want to create a custom Badge Query using “Appreciated” as a starting point. I type the Appreciated query in Data Explorer:

SELECT p.user_id, current_timestamp AS granted_at
FROM posts AS p
WHERE p.like_count >= 1
    AND (:backfill OR p.user_id IN (:user_ids))
GROUP by p.user_id
HAVING count(*) > 20

This gives an error:

missing value for :backfill

I vaguely understand that the “:” is a “bind variable” which improves efficiency. I tried removing the bit about backfill but that gives another error.

You will need to leave out the AND (:backfill OR p.user_id IN (:user_ids)) condition to run the query in the Data Explorer. :backfill and :user_ids both expect parameters to be passed to them.

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Thanks, it seems to work fine without the AND clause. Can you tell me what the clause does (assuming it gets the parameters passed in), so I can decide whether to keep it?

If your badge is triggered by a user acting on a post, then you need to include this condition. The best description I’ve seen of how the :backfill and :user_ids parameters are used in badge queries is in the ‘Triggered badges have 2 extra constraints’ section of Triggered custom badge queries.


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