Problem with beta6: Header Link Theme Component no longer working

I just did upgrade vom beta5 to beta6 and now the Header Link Theme Component is no longer working.
All our custom header links are no longer shown in the header.
Looks like something in the new beta has stopped the component from working.

We are now on 2.5.0.beta6 ( b3c8d36412 )

The error log does only show a lot of errors concerning the discourse-locations Plugin but nothing concerning the header problem.

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The locations plugin is currently causing a lot of problems with components, try disabling it and I’m guessing your problem will go away (it did for me)


If you disable Locations (by commenting it out in the YML file and rebuilding) does the Header Link component start working again?

@davidkingham is right, Locations has a few issues with the latest tests-passed, and as mentioned here:

It’s definitely worth posting in the respective topics for any theme components and plugins, rather than here in #support, which typically deals with issues related to core. Remember that many plugins come from third parties, so the only way they’re going to find out about issues is if you participate in their topics.


Can you check to make sure you are using FontAwesome 5 icon names in your theme settings? Here’s what was recently posted in the component’s topic:


those I had already replaced a couple of months ago (or already somewhere last year) they are up-to-date. But then there would be an empty place due to the missing button but the link itself would still be there when moving the mouse of the link location.

I know but those were plugins and theme components from the team and the theme component had been unchanged in github.
But disabling the locations plugins and rebuilding the app did work, the buttons are back.


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