Problem with Discourse DFP plugin

I hope this is the right place to ask about a problem with a plugin. If not, please tell me.

For some reason, when serving MOBILE 320x50 leaderboards, the container is being set to 290px wide. Which, of course, cuts off part of the ad.

It is applying it using a very specific ID ( #google_ads_iframe_/6933594/TestMRF_320_ROS_0__container__). Obviously, I can force it to be correct by declaring a custom css line for the correct width. I have done this as a stop gap. But that’s only good until the ad name changes.

Is there a place I can correct this globally? Thanks very much.

It’s .

This is the plugin we are using:

( @ked )

I’m not see that when I test with a “mobile topic list top” ad. It’s rendered as 320px wide. Which ad placement are you seeing with 290px?


Yeah, backfill (Adsense) ads are okay. It’s DFP ads that are the problem when there is custom artwork. It renders the container as 290 wide and cuts off the ad.

I should probably add that the image size of the custom artwork we use in DFP is the correct size.

Hmm that’s very odd. The plugin isn’t aware of what type of ad is rendered. That’s entirely up to DFP. Are the plugin’s div’s the correct size?, div-gpt-ad-topic-list-top.


I’ll check it @neil. Thank you.

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