Problem with downloading PDF (want to enable for only logged in users)

(Kunal Jain) #1

We have an installation of Discourse on:

Recently, we wanted to enable download of a few PDF documents through the portal. I have enabled the same from the admin panel. We want the downloads to be enabled only for logged in users.

However, when I upload a pdf document, the upload happens fine (for example a screenshot below)

However, whenever someone clicks on the link, the download doesn’t happen. Instead it is stuck at CDN

URL. This is how it looks:

I have tried providing a link directly to the file from upload location and that works for logged in users. However, people trying to download without login do not get a pop up saying they can not download the file without being logged in.

Any one else facing this problem? Or has a solution to the same? Any help is greatly appreciated.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I think @zogstrip fixed this a while ago?

(Kunal Jain) #3

This thread was started a while ago as well :slight_smile:


(Jeff Atwood) #4