Problem with email?

I received this error:

Probably this error I received it because mandrill has become a fee.
How do I set my personal email hosting so that users receive emails from the site and a registered activation email?

I realized the same thing recently and @codinghorror directed me here:


I have added an account on Mailgun, I have inserted the domain, but I receive an error °_°

The domain name is just the domain name, not an email address.

Remove noreply@


Ok, I have put the domain name:

Then, I Manage SMTP credentials, added the new credential (

I have insert the option in app.yml:
SMTP Hostname:
Default SMTP Login:
Default Password: *********************************

Save the app.yml, launch git pull and ./launcher rebuild app, Insert the option in tab Email in my forum discorse…but, don’t work.

The DNS is change in my host ç_ç

It says your domain is unverified you must fix that. See their help pages.

This is my credential:

I make some mistakes?

Make sure you’re using the password for and not the one for

Mmm, but if password its the same by postamaster O_o

In Menage SMTP Credential, I have create a new smtp credential, with the name ‘’.
This email, not the same by postmaster password?

…Nobody can help me?..

No. The last thing you posted shows that your domain is unverified. You’ll have to fix that first.