Problem with www version of discourse website

hey guys,

Any of you had a problem with www. version of your discourse website?
http and https works properly but when I enter the URL starting with www. it doesn’t load.

When I saw this, I have made an A record for to server IP address but it didn’t do the trick.

Any ideas?

Update: also is not working for me.

Just tested mine on my test browser. and yeah got a 522 error using www.

It appears to be working for me.

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I didn’t mean discourse’s website. I meant my own discourse website. My forum that is based on discourse app.

Ohh gotcha. What do your dns settings look like for your domain name?

It is set correctly. I am afraid that also having the same issue. Or maybe its designed that way? Could I call an issue?

soo… I think you need to read up on subdomains and how they work. is the root domain

meta is the subdomain (and we point it do our discourse site)
www is also a subdomain but we point it to our website

I do think it might be possible to have sub-sub domains(???), but www.meta is not a valid subdomain in our dns.


It’s probably not, because you’re having issues.


Ok. What I did was created an A record for and pointed it to my server IP. I just wasn’t patient enough.

Now the www. version automatically redirects the traffic to

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Although, wouldn’t that be nicer to have www version too?
I am saying because google webmaster considers it important to add www version of your website to the console.

Use DNS controls to redirect one form to the other.