Problems installing on existing EC2 server

Truly, I would never have expected a simple install of forum software would just wreck my amazon ec2 server.

I can’t even connect to it now.

What the hell is it doing?

Hello and welcome @greg_c :slight_smile:

From the screenshot, it looks like it’s installing Discourse? Have you had any errors at all?

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It just disconnected my putty session, no idea if it finished

seems that it uses massive cpu or something causing everything to pause during install.
I can log back in.

Its not the only domain on the server, maybe getting confused by that, hard to say.
I ran discourse-doctor and I think I saw an error about unable to use a port since in use.

idk will have to look around.

The part of the install in which the screenshot was taken from normally takes a while to complete from personal experience. Perhaps try using ssh from the Windows Command Processor (aka Command Prompt) instead of PuTTY, doubt it will make a difference but try connecting from ssh over command prompt and run ./launcher rebuild app since it seems like you’ve already completed the configuration.

It’s possible, maybe try installing Discourse on a clean droplet instead of one with other websites. If you have multiple websites and Discourse running on the same server, you must follow the instructions outlined in this topic:


Yeah I think I will just get it hosting, $100 a month is a lot but better than me spending my time on thjis.

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Ha. Yes, self-hosting isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. :slight_smile: There are quite a few hosted options though, as well as being able to pay someone to set it up for you initially (and then you maintain it). We even have free trials for our hosting if you fancy checking it out before committing to a hosting option -

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Fair enough. Good luck! Let me know if you need anything.

No one is unhappy with hosting. My new dashboard ( will do the installation and configure mailgun and create a digital ocean droplet (or use a fresh ec2 that you create). Running on a server that’s doing something else is a bit of a chore though.