Problems setting up Sentiment

Why does this ‘Overall Sentiment’ query gives empty results:

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I copied directly from Sara’s post and ran it and received results:

Can you confirm if you have data in your classification_results table?

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I also just copied, pasted it as a ‘New Query’ and ran. No changes by me made at all.

From where do I need to look for this? I’m admin of my site.

My dashboards looks like this:

Did you change the dates that the query covered? Try refreshing the page and amending the date parameters if you haven’t already done so.


I’ve tried entering longer duration (and then 'Refresh) in the dashboard with no success:

And also changed dates in the query, with no success:

My site is approx/minimum 5 years old.

Did you run a backfill?


No. I didn’t. Nor did I read about this in (the first post of) this topic.

Can u pls tell how do/can I do that?
Or if I don’t run backfill, when will this component get enough posts to work out the sentiment?

That’s explained in the guide I quoted.
When did you enable the sentiment analysis? You chose February 2024 as an end date in your data explorer query. Was the analysis enabled before that? Otherwise, since only new posts are classified, I’d expect it to return 0 results.

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Ok, I had missed, but now I’d surely study and solve the problem.

Analysis was enabled in Feb or March, 2024, I don’t remember exact date. How many posts does it require (after its enabled, without running back-fill) to show something?

I’m seeing ‘Site Sentiment’ in my Admin Dashboard for the past 2-3 months, but no sentiment is being shown.

I even tried running the same as an Sql Query thru Data Explorer plugin and changed dates to approx 2 years, still only blank result.

When I try run a ‘BackFill Task’ it gave the following error:

I took screenshot of almost 50% of the top area.

As shown in the ‘just-above’ post of mine that Back-Filling is failing, can someone pls tell how many days/how many posts will it take for this ‘Sentiment Analysis’ to work or show something (i.e. wo backfill)?

I’ve searched ‘Back-Fill-Failing’ on meta, but no solution has been found anywhere.

I’ve collected these up and split them into their own topic so they’re not cross-posted in multiple places. :+1:

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Have you posted something new for the Sentiment to run against? If it’s not picking up new things either then I think you have a problem with your configuration rather than just the backfill.

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Yes. Many topics were created since the ‘Sentiment Analysis’ appeared in my Admin Dashboard

I filled the Open-AI api key here (same as I’m using in other fields in this settings neighbourhood), am I right or some else api key was needed:

Sentiment Analysis is being shown blank constantly. Even though tens of topics have been created since this functionality was introduced around 2-3 months back. And I’ve expanded the dates to try to give it more data.

Report refreshed after changing dates:

And even though BackFilling might not be culprit/required in my case, but when I tried, it too failed, as being discussed in its own topic here.

What could go wrong, if somebody would?