Sentiment chart in admin overview is great (in theory)

I love the idea of the sentiment chart on the admin dashboard. I’m not sure I trust it to be useful right now, because it’s showing my site about 50/50 negative-positive, and I don’t think that’s possibly right. (It seems to tend towards classing technical posts as negative, and also seems to score some common expressions in support requests as more negative than I think they really are.) But assuming that can get worked out, I’d love to see some enhancements here:

  1. For each bar on the Overall Sentiment chart (that is, time period and positive/negative), click to see the ten (or whatever) most positive or ten most negative posts.
  2. For Post emotion, instead of just t0 & t1 vs t2+, allow customizable groups (or sets of groups).
  3. Also allow the Overall Sentiment timeseries to be filtered by group
  4. Add filters to both for categories and tags
  5. Provide an option to make this public rather than just on the admin dashboard

Thanks for considering!