ProCourse Memberships 💸

(Joe Buhlig) #43

Big thanks to @Steven here for the French translation. :hugs:

(Carson) #44

Hi @joebuhlig,

You and your team have done an outstanding job with this plugin! Thank you for all your hard and excellent work!!


It seems there is a bug since this weekend, when I edit an existing membership, everything is fine and works as usual. But since this weekend, when I create a new membership, I can’t save it and when I refresh the page the name is always blank

I can’t save the modifications

On the left column, the title of the new membership sstays blank

There is nothing on /logs

Anyone alse noticed this?

I have this plugin on only one forum, so it maybe be related to something else. I’ll try to load this plugin only if no one else can repro

(Justin DiRose) #46

What version of Discourse are you running? When did you last update? I will try to reproduce this later today.


I did two upgrades, saturday, and last night. In both the bug occurred. It may have happened before but I didn’t notice. Right now, the forum is on this commit : Comparing ba762ea...tests-passed · discourse/discourse · GitHub

(Justin DiRose) #48

I just ran this process on a test server I just upgraded to v2.2.0.beta5 +67 and wasn’t able to reproduce the behavior. What gateway are you using? It could be an issue there as a couple of the gateways do some background processing with the payment processor upon level creation.


I’m using Stripe in test mode. I tried with Paypal, still the same issue.

I’ll try with other plugins deactivated.

(Justin DiRose) #50

How did things shake out with other plugins deactivated, @Steven?


Same problem, I tried another gateway, deactivating the theme. I don’t have any idea how it could affect the forum.

I can give you an access to the forum if you want to check some things

(Justin DiRose) #52

Do you have the correct test API keys loaded for Stripe?


Oh damn, I just found the solution, it was a stupid mistake on my part.

So sorry about that :sweat:

(Joshua Kogan) #54

A related question: how can I allow non-group members to see the topic posts (in list format), but if they click on the topic, they can’t access the post, until they pay and become a member of the group? I want non-group members of my site to see all of the topics (in the list format), with the hope that it will entice them to pay to access the posts.

(Justin DiRose) #55

The ProCourse Teaser plugin does that. It’s set at the category level so any post in that category shows up in the topic list but allows the ability to redirect to another page if the user doesn’t have access.

(Joshua Kogan) #56

Thanks! Installed, and working perfectly. Any chance that there is a way to make a single post in that category viewable? For example, a pinned “about” category post, that let’s the user know that the content is locked, and they must join to see it. OR, do I need to use the static page plugin to be the narrative in-between category topics and the login page?

Meta seems partially broken on old versions of iOS
(Justin DiRose) #57

The best way is to use the static pages plugin as you mention. @joebuhlig originally designed Memberships, Teaser, and Static Pages to all work together like that.

(Joshua Kogan) #58

Thanks! I’m off to give it a try!

(DaveK) #59

Received this from BrainTree:

Dear David,

You’ve likely heard about Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements, which are part of the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) regulations that came into effect early last year. We understand that there’s a lot of uncertainty around these changes, so we wanted to reach out to help you begin to prepare.

What does SCA mandate?

SCA mandates that many transactions will need to be carried out more securely using at least two of these three authentication factors:

  • Knowledge: Something you know, typically a password or PIN.
  • Possession: Something you have, such as a device or credit card.
  • Inherence: Something you are physically, typically a fingerprint or other biometric.

What do I need to do?

Moving to 3D Secure 2.0 (3DS 2.0) can help merchants transacting in Europe meet SCA requirements as well as help enhance fraud protection. 3DS 2.0 is also expected to reduce friction in both the web- and mobile-purchase process and can help increase conversions.

When is the deadline?

Although the date of enforcement isn’t until September 2019, Braintree recommends that merchants be ready to integrate 3DS 2.0 into their checkout experience by April 2019 per the card brands’ guidelines.

Will this plugin be affected by this?

(Joe Buhlig) #60

Yes. We have this on our radar. As it stands, Braintree doesn’t seem to have their end prepared for it yet. But we’ll need to make some updates once they nail down the requirements.

(DaveK) #61

Thank you for the prompt answer <3

(Kim Miller) #62

Is there any way to use or modify this plugin to allow manual subscription update, if say payment were received via some unsupported method, by paper check, etc?

Is there any provision for alerting a user before a subscription expires, e.g. so they could send in a manual form of payment before membership lapses?