Profile Background + User Card Background Uploader

(Nate D.) #1

Hey guys,

I just tested a little bit the upload function for a minimalistic profile. And some things aren’t that perfect in case of user experience. But pictures tell more than words can ever describe. Hmm, that sounds in german better. :wink:

Okay, maybe the white background wasn’t the best idea to test this. But hey, no one is perfect.

That Doesnt Look Great:

  • As you can see, the images dont fit in the User Card Background Box you can rarely see anything and the same thing for the Profile Background images. Its just cutted.

  • The second thing, the dimension mentioned in the hint belov the preview isn’t right. I don’t know the exact dimension. But as mentionded there at the moment, that didn’t worked at least for me.

The Result Looks Good:

At the end it looks okay. But I had to upload and resize a lot and I think most of the users who just want a little cool looking picture up there, dont want to invest that much time to do that. Of course, when its just a pattern, no one cares, but when its something else…

I just wanted to mention, that I really :heart: :discourse: . I mean I am writing this post in fullscreen. Just a click and resize. That is amazing. Tomorrow at the first of august my first ever discourse forum will go online. Ah, btw I am from switzerland, the first august is something special for us! :boom: :fireworks: Did I already mention that I also love this Emoji… :blush: Okay. I hope that no one else already mentioned that. And even if its the case. I just wanted to give something back. Cause my coding skills are still improving and I hope someday I can contribute even more!

All the best!

(Benjamin Freeman) #2

Maybe some css tweak to align/center your image would do the job ?

(Nate D.) #3

Thanks @Vernam. Actually I started this thread in the category bug. This is what I experienced here in the meta forum and some other forums which run discourse. I don’t need support on this one. Is the uploader working properly for the rest of you?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

This does not meet the criteria for bug as specified in the category description for bug. TL;DR does it prevent normal use of Discourse? no. Feel free to make it a feature req if needed.

(Nate D.) #5

My bad sorry! Thanks for clearing that.