Profile page CSS - About Me

Under the logged in user settings, under Profile, is a box for “About Me.” On this, the text box is about 7 lines tall. Mine is only 2 lines, if that. Where do i tweak the setting for that?
This page, if it’s not clear:

I just checked on my test site and the textbox has the same height as the one here on Meta. Are you running the latest version of Discourse, out of curiosity?

In any case, below is the CSS you would need to adjust the height of the “About Me” textbox on user profiles. You can change the 14em to whatever you’d like, but that’s the value it is set to by default here on Meta.

.user-preferences .bio-composer .d-editor-textarea-wrapper {
   min-height: 14em;
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Your CSS works, thank you!

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