Profile Preview update

Hello, for our “support” forum users it’s annoying for them to have to navigate to the user seeking support’s profile to see if they filled out the questions that I (as admin) set up (to help with support) such as:

  • Software version
  • Computer type and version…etc.

These are important bits of information when supporting and answering questions.

See the question below that I made so users could update in their profile below:

Now this takes me to a suggestion, what if we would support that information in the profile preview area? (when someone clicks on the name) see below:

People would much rather know the answers to the profile questions such as: their operating system and version than what badges they may or may not have. If your interested, this is the related thread on our forum.


One of our users suggested the following:

Would any of this be possible?

We would like to allow you to “promote” certain custom field so they are visible in the card. Can you provide some mockups on how you would like it displayed.

Also one cool thing we can already do, we can give people say a bronze badge for filling that info, which can be done now in a custom badge.


I don’t think adding an OS badge is a wise choice here… probably what is needed is a template layout for user card that sites could edit, with handlebars like replacement strings for visible fields.


There is some precedence here, I would actually disable autobiographer and replace with a custom one that requires the custom fields.

This is what I want to be shown when I “click” on someones name and it does the profile preview:


(maybe it can also include some badges?)


The questions to be included in the profile preview:

Ok so I think there is a bug that may be related to this thread:

But my profile information is not showing up at all:


You can see it’s missing the User Fields.


Quite possible that’s a new regression based on our Ember upgrade… @neil worked on that feature, perhaps he can have a look?

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Seems to have been fixed in the 2+ years since… :blush: