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I was wondering why these categories do not have the voting plugin enabled?

Taking advantage that it is an official plugin, it would be interesting that we put it into practice here

What do you think?

Actually, we briefly had a subcategory with the plugin to help test it.

Other than that, we prioritize features proposed here in Meta, but we take into consideration many properties, like mockups, customer requests, arguments, other people supporting the topic, etc. No need for the plugin.


Ok. :+1:


(You can close this topic if you wish)

I believe @erlend_sh may have opinions on this, but my perspective is that it’d be an unlimited vector for voting on “everything”, and thus meaningless. For this to work you’d need tight control of the topics, which is quite difficult to achieve.

I agree we don’t want voting on everything in #feature and #ux. What I wanted to do was enable voting for #planned (making it a sub-category) so that the community can voice their opinion on our longer term roadmap.