Proper DNS settings for subdomain

Hi all,

Can someone confirm the proper steps to point discourse using a sub domain?

I just set up a trial and the current URL is:

I would like to point to our website which is:

When I enter the DNS settings of our site I get this menu:

Can you let me know what to put in for *Host and *Points to

Does the TTL mean it will take an hour for the server to create this? (I can change to 10mins)

Please advise. Thank you!


For a subdomain, host is what you want the visitor to type in. You can put if you wish. You might could also get by with just the single word, not too sure.

For “Points to”, put your link.

TTL can be left at 1 hour.


It’s important to note that just a CNAME might not be enough, because the Host header received will be the one with the subdomain of your site, but the discourse container will expect it to be from

Furthermore the TLS certificate (that allows HTTPS) at expects that domain, not the one in your forum.

You may try the steps described at:


For question about how to configure a domain name for sites on our hosting, the best approach is to get in touch with the Discourse team directly by sending an email to the “need help” email address that’s shown on hosted site’s admin dashboard. You can also contact the team directly from the Discourse Meta forum by sending a PM to our team group. We’ll be happy to help.

As Lucas noted above, details for configuring a domain name to point to our hosting are given here: Configure your domain name for hosted Discourse. You will need to get the CNAME target that your site points to from our support team though.


Simon, nice to hear from you! Through trial and error I sorted it out this afternoon. It’s all set up now. :ok_hand: