Proposing a left-aligned slide out hamburger menu

(Michael Howell) #65

I keep trying to exit the slide menu by hitting Android’s global back button.

Fix. The. Back. Button.

(Jeff Atwood) #66

Don’t get too attached to this, because it is going away in future versions of Android.


(Danny Goodall) #68

I’m seeing a change in the way zooming in on mobile now works here on meta.

Once zoomed in I can no longer drag the zoomed page to scroll around the zoomed area.

I’m seeing this changed behaviour here on meta but not on my own forum (2.2 beta 4) so I’m making a wild assumption that this could be related to the slide in menus.

To reproduce here in meta zoom in on this page and then try to move the zoomed area.

(Jeff Wong) #69

I don’t see a change, can you post more detailed reproduction steps, device, phone, etc?

Tested on iOS safari. Zoom is disabled when the menu is open, but zoom works fine for me once the menu is closed.

(Danny Goodall) #70

I’ll try to provide some evidence but in terms of reproduction steps I simply zoom in on the page and am then unable to moved (pan) the zoomed in region.

I’m on Android 8.1.0 and Chrome 71.0.3578.83.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #71

@featheredtoast I can repro this on my Android phone, same Chrome version (but Android 9). If I zoom in (on topic list or within topic) I can only school vertically, I cannot pan side to side.

(Jeff Atwood) #72

That’s probably because side motions are captured by the “swipe left or right to bring in side menus” on Android. That gesture is already in use by iOS globally.

(Danny Goodall) #73

Yeah, I’ve just recorded a couple of videos showing exactly this (too big to upload though).

On meta I can’t scroll horizontally but on my own forum I can.

(Jeff Wong) #74

Ah, got it, thanks everyone - sounds like I’m stealing too much of the horizontal swipe events from the zoom options on android - I’ll see what I can do to make it better here.

Zoom is definitely not one of those things I tested when making this though, I appreciate that you brought this up

(Jeff Wong) #75

Would you mind confirming that you are able to scroll horizontally while zoomed in now on your end? This is fixed in:

I was being a bit too overzealous with disabling horizontal scrolling.

(Danny Goodall) #76

Yep, all good now - I can now pan in any direction whilst zoomed in.

Nice one!

(Jeff Wong) #77

Hm, I thought it was when I merged it, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Added support here:

(hosna) #78

how can we enable this? I updated to latest but It didnt appear for me.

(Jeff Wong) #79

it is newly merged - it needs to pass our test suite first before it becomes available, it should be up soon.


FWIW, Windows phone Edge has the same swipe gestures for back and forward.

But it does not work properly, it only works when you try to scroll something horizontally. :woman_facepalming:

(Jeff Wong) #81

You’re saying windows phones steal horizontal swipe events… in the middle of the screen?? :open_mouth:

If so, there’s not a lot we can do about that, but thankfully, touching off the menu as mentioned above will still be sufficient to close it.


Yes, even less than middle. But only when I am already at the edge of the page, when no more scroll is possible (but I don’t always notice I am at the maximum and I should not try to scroll).

(Jeff Wong) #85

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