Protonmail bridged SMTP in Discourse

Does anybody using it? I see that can be possible to use their SMTP servers.

I’m trying to get mail server in my VPS. Thinked in G Suite but I see that Proton could be more focused to privacy.

Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks.

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You could try searching for it.

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Well, I searched before posting and I only found that post without related experiences in this integration.

So, in order to don’t pump old posts I opened this one to Protonmail users can talk about it.

Thanks anyway. I appreciate your constant effort telling the rest to use the search engine (even when there are no results).

I think the point Jay was making is that the situation with Protonmail hasn’t changed since the topic you linked was created. They still have hard limits on their lower plans, and they state explicitly that they aren’t designed to carry transactional email. GMail has a similar limitation, that’s why neither appears on list of recommended email providers.

ProtonMail is currently not designed for high volume sending such as marketing blasts and transactional emails

If the situation had changed then sure, it would warrant a new topic. As it stands this is just a duplicate of what was discussed three years ago.


Well, I tried to go with Mailjet and it’s working but I can’t use it by domain mail server. I thought that Protonmail (focused in privacy) could be great to implement in paid plan but this hard limits doesn’t look good at all.

Do you have a personal recommendation if I need only a couple of accounts and want to send but receive emails too? I’ll take a look into elastic.

Thanks for your reply Stephen.

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Just to add, I use a self hosted mailbox for my discourse duties as well. If You have a privacy focussed VPS provider, feel free to set up something like mailcow or mailinabox, both of which work fantastically with discourse if their IP reputation is good.


No problems with spam with this alternatives? That’s why I’m keeping away from mailcow, I read that self-host mailbox could be a real headache.

Thanks for your reply!

It takes fair bit of maintenance. You’ll also have to consider the fact that ESPs don’t like amateur self hosted mail so You’ll have to keep a check on delivery. My mailservers are now in a good reputation with outlook, gmail and yahoo so I use that to send my discourse mails as well.

You’ll have to check for a VPS provider with strict antispam policy as well to make sure that you get a clean subnet on a clean ASN. I use hetzner and it hasn’t given me any problems so far.


Why not use Straightforward direct-delivery incoming mail ?

I just read about this alternative.

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If you read it correctly, it is for incoming email and not sending emails.

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Well that’s what I was looking for (because I’m using Mailjet to send e-mails).

That combo do the trick. Thanks for your follow up :ok_hand:


This may have caused the confusion, SMTP is usually referred to the sending of mail. POP3, IMAP and the mail receiver (postfix) are the mechanisms for the receipt of email.


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