Providing more visual distinction between Closed and Archived topics

Would it be possible to make the two a bit more visually distinct from each other? As of right now, both have the “lock” symbol at the beginning of the topic in the category overview.

It would be great if locked topics would retain the lock symbol while archived topics get a different symbol to make them clearly visually distinct in the category overview of all topics.

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Perhaps a filing cabinet(Archived)? Aybe

That would be perfect! :wink:

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I’d say to be consistent with icon on small action posts for archived topics, a folder icon.


Awesome demonstration @JammyDodger is this coming or already in core?

Ok just checked yes on Stable & Rest passed.

So am wondering if Op is running an outdated install or not used Archive in awhile like myself?

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Just checked, what they mean is the icon on the topic list/at the top of the topic.

Archived topic:

Closed topic:


Makes sense. Isn’t there a folder icon with a lock on it? If so maybe the team might consider adding it? @JammyDodger

I don’t see one when searching for “folder” on fontawesome v5

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Might be mixing it up with Windows & Linux.

Maybe have 2 icons?

This one and the locked?

Correct. As an example, see the screenshot below; some topics are locked, and some are archived. But in the topic list, it is not visually apparent which is which; one can only find that out by clicking on each individual topic.

Does it matter? For users those are technically closed for commenting.

An admin may need that information sometimes, but… really?

My weak point is that shown information must be meaningful and useful someway. If not, it is just overwhelming noise.

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I think two icons for one meaning is confusing. Think of a pinned topic that you bookmarked. It would have the pin icon, because it is pinned. Then there would be the bookmark icon because it was bookmarked and then you would have two icon to mark it as archived. That would look like it is locked and something else. But what it this “something else”? You are not allowed to like posts. That is not what I would associate with a folder icon.

In our community, we had several people raising this input, because on the old forum platform we used it was visually distinct in the topic overview. For our members, there is a procedural difference between temporarily closing a topic and archiving it for good. Ideally, that difference should be visually represented without having to open each topic manually.

The devs already implemented that visual difference in the automated posting whenever someone closes or archives a topic (see comment by @Firepup650 ). Thus in my view it would simply be more consistent overall to also implement that change in the topic list.

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Well you could overlay the lock over the archive box or closed folder(did color). As svgs are scalable you could replicate OS folder with lock. Which would resolve @Jagster concern of “noise” complaints.

Or as Jag pointed out this would be more handy for cat mods, Leaders & Staff…

So some CSS to replace lock on Archived topics for TL4, Cat Mods & staff.

Often ppl have difficulty seeing per case uses that oppose there own pov.

There is other route too… showing alternative icons only to those groups that actually needs that info (and I’m still claiming that is quite rare case).