Published Pages should be able to be shown like /tos /privacy and /faq

In Discourse the pages /tos /privacy and /faq are shown like static pages, but the Hamburger Menu/Top bar/Forum logo are visible.

Published pages are shown without he Hamburger Menu/Top bar/Forum logo.

I suggest an option, that published pages are also shown like /tos /privacy and /faq. But only as an option, so admins can choose.


I agree with the OP that the published pages look a little bare to me because they don’t have the top or side navigation, as, for example, the /tos page has.

I just created a published page and it looks empty with no way for people to click to search or access the sidebar, etc.


I think Jon may be trying to make something like this, I’m not sure if it’ll get the url you want, but it may.

Ok, through my best sleuthing, I think I’ve found where they differ.

I think the Published Pages use this layout:

And the About/TOS/FAQ/Privacy (static pages) use the normal application layout:

And I believe the layout for Published Pages is being set here:

And I think the static pages have this:

Now, since it’s in Ruby, I would assume it would need a custom plugin to change this but I’m not sure. I’m also not sure if just changing that line for the published pages to the one from the static pages would work or something else would need to be tweaked.

Anyways, it seems upon first glance that it probably wouldn’t be that hard to tweak the layout of the Published Pages to look more like the static pages.

Anyone have an idea how to take it from here?

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