Add more styling to published pages

Another feature request for the queue:

A toggle to include the site header/navigation at the top of the published pages, to help the pages fit in more with the general site theme.


Great addition, thank you for this @chau! :ok_hand:

Am I missing something, or is there no way to include the site header and site footer? Ie publish the page as a part of the discourse site w/o the ability to post replies etc.? Like static pages basically?


Not missing anything, there isn’t a way to add footers/headers just yet! One of the enhancements we received so it’s definitely on the list for the next round of work.


This is amazing! I really like it - nice work.

Some minor feedback - perhaps some or all of this could be dealt with using CSS but might be nice to have them as sane defaults:

  • Looks like the title is still not showing in the browser tab?
  • Would be loverly to have DiscoTOC support on published pages.
  • Would prefer to not see the user avatar, username and date on published pages.
    • Or this info is to be diplayed, maybe would work best at the bottom, along with the CC license and url. And if logged in, link back to the topic.
  • The topic title is smaller than the level one title within the post, which is a bit jarring/weird.

This feedback is based on a post from my personal forum where I maintain handy procedures for stuff I have to do periodically and always forget how - see screenshots below. It’s going to be awesome to be able to just send one of my kids one link when they ask me how to do something.


I came here to report just this. I think the published page html styling is very sparse, by default. Also missing title in browser tab among other things as I mentioned in my feedback above.



We have added some more styling to the Published Page for a better integration into the Discourse environment. :smile: :discourse:

The html and css referenced in the OP has been updated to reflect this change.


Cool !
But too bad some of those classes were renamed and I don’t really understand why the prefixes differ between the classes now: some of them are now pp- and others are published-page- ?


Ah yes! You are correct, the pp references have been changed to published-page for consistency.


I love this! :heart_eyes_cat: Page publishing can be super handy for Teams who want to work privately but maybe share periodic reports via a page accessible without having to log in.

The title text size is enormous and formatting gets messed up when it goves over one line:

Personally, I’d like to see the author information get lower priority. For published pages it matters less and is distracting. I suggested this earlier but maybe nobody else thinks this is an issue at all… if not, no biggie.

Is there any appetite to seek feature parity with the way topics display stuff like discotoc, oneboxing, image view, dates etc? If so I can help with testing.