Publishing a post automatically at a set time

Hello, Is there a way to publish a post at a particular time automatically?
For example - I being a moderator has to publish a post sometimes at off hours. For that I have to login again and click post. Is there a feature which can allow me to publish the post according to the time I set.

Help! Thanks.

Hey Ank :wave:

Currently there is no scheduled posting in topics as far as I am aware. However, since you are a moderator you can schedule topics to be published at a set time

Hope this helps :wink:


@ondrejj hey thankyou it is helpful, but is it possible on a public category (let say “Updates”) instead of private category (staff)?

Yes it is possible to use this feature in a public category. For example you could publish this topic from #feature into #ux.

The staff category was used in that topic for demo purposes. Usually you type something in staff as a draft and once finished it is published into a public category.

Yes. You set a topic timer so the topic is recategorized from a hidden (to the user) category, into a public category.