Pulling in images with RSS Polling?

Hi guys. Which setting needs to be checked for the photos to pull?

Images should get pulled in as long as the images exist in the RSS feed. There is a known issue with images pulled in from RSS feeds often being broken though. Are the images completely missing in your topics, or are you seeing broken markdown links where there should be images?

At first i had no images. Then I made clicked some settings and only got broken images. Wasnt sure what I was doing as havent messed with rss before.

Do you have the embed truncate setting enabled on your Discourse site? If that setting is not enabled, Discourse will pull in the full post instead of just pulling in an excerpt of the post. If that is the way your site is configured, you might be running into the issue that’s described here: Fix broken images for posts created by the WP Discourse and RSS plugins.

Yeah now its enabled. When it was broken probably wasnt then.

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