Push to digital ocean from command line and rebuild

Hi !

I’ve followed the official install guide and I managed to have discourse working on digital ocean.
However, I couldn’t find how to setup a regular deployment flow (I’m not very familiar with docker and digital ocean).

I have discourse running locally (without docker), and running on digital ocean. How can I deploy my changes to the droplet ? Can I setup automatic deployment from github or can I simply deploy from the command line ? Do I need to rebuild discourse afterwards to see the changes ?

Thanks for your help

Are you doing modifications in the Discourse core and like to deploy it?

I’m “customizing” some elements. I need to integrate a few things that aren’t feasible “out of the box”. I’ve spent a lot of time working with rails and it’s not big changes. Works fine locally. Now I don’t know how to deploy it on my digital ocean droplet (which uses docker).

Customizing Discourse core is not recommended. And official docker installation does not have easy way deploy it. To do modifications the best ways are

  1. Admin side customizations
  2. Custom themes
  3. Plugins

All these ways are easily maintainable and supporting docker.