PWA install unable

I have created a new discourse community, and I am part of a few others where I have had the option to install as a PWA when using Chrome, including this one (meta.discourse). I don’t get this option for the one I created. Is there a setting to be enabled or something special I need to do ?

Have you uploaded the necessary icon?

Is your site configured to use HTTPS?

The requirements are outlined here:

  • your site must be https , this will never appear if your site is plain old http
  • you must set a 512x512 png on large_icon_url site setting
  • Google controls when the banner will appear, the today default is: The user has visited your site at least twice, with at least five minutes between visits.



Can you share a link to your instance so we can check what is the issue?

The icon was the issue, I had a jpg, when I changed to PNG it worked fine
Thank you for the quick replies @Stephen and @Falco !


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