New PWA install interface on Android

Starting on Chrome 90, Discourse admins can add screenshots to the PWA install bottom sheet.

You will need to take a few screenshots of interesting pages, upload those a topic and fill then in at /admin/site_settings/category/branding?filter=manifest screenshots.

For the screenshots, Chrome documents the following requirements:

  • Width and height must be at least 320px and at most 3840px.
  • The maximum dimension can’t be twice larger than the minimum dimension.
  • Screenshots must have the same aspect ratio.
  • Only JPEG and PNG image formats are supported.

After filling the setting, it will look like this:

If you have a login required site, be aware that the screenshots are public.


How to fill in the settings for the screenshots? Seems only to be a text field and does not prompt for an image upload.

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You need to upload to a topic, copy the URL afterwards and use that in the site setting.


I have added a couple of screenshots links in the manifest screenshots, in order to test these features. But it’s not working for me. I have tried chrome v90.0.4430 and chrome canary 91.0.4446. Is this feature ready to implement or do we have to wait??

You have to enable a flag in Chrome Canary to test it:


It’s working fine for meta and not for my site in chrome canary. I have uploaded the image and added the links in manifest screenshots. Is there anything I am missing here?

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Can you link the site here? I can take a look at it for you!

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Thanks, there is a mod in UK that will have a look…

The idea of disabling the PWA, was not to remove, but more when we have more time see how we can integrate the PWA, compatible with our thoughts, not as a popup perhaps a link to for those wanting to try…

There is no pop-up.

The install prompt for PWA install in Discourse that happens in Android is a link in a top banner that only happens for users with enough engagement.

The new screenshots mentioned above only show after the user clicks on the prompt we have used for years.


I appreciate, will have a look straight away

Thanks bro,

Here is my site,

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Your screenshots dimensions are 1080x2246, which fail the rule:


Thanks bro, now everything is fine.

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This is now live on Android Chrome for some users, as Google is doing a staged rollout:


I cannot wait to see how well this works with Discourse on desktop! :grinning: