Querying via URL only returns 5 posts/userID/topics

(Ivan) #1

Hi guys,

Just wondering how I get all of the data from the DB from a JSON request to a URL e.g. https://example.com/search/query.json?term=market_conditions. Looking at our database, this should contain 9 topics, but the response array only shows 5. T

(Mittineague) #2

Only a wild guess. A “cooked” vs. “raw” difference?

(Ivan) #3

solution in subsequent post

(Ivan) #4

So to get ALL the topics/posts that were relevant, I queried in the URL,

instead of

Would someone mind explaining to me what the difference is between these?


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #5

One is the full screen search and another the pop-up search.

Full screen: More results, but no users, categories, only posts and topics.

Pop-up: Search all elements (posts, categories, users, topics) but only 5 per type.

PS.: The team has already said they want the full page search to list everything, but they haven’t got time to do it yet.

(Ivan) #6

Thanks for the response Falco!