Question about the mail-receiver

I don’t know if it’s working properly.
Why can’t I click and check this email?
Why can’t I answer this email to the sender?

How to check the logs ?

When I send a test email to a non-existent address (, nothing appears in bounced tab:


When I send a return email (from my gmail adress) to the address it automatically receives a reply:

We’re sorry, but your email message to [“ ”] (titled test adsaas) didn’t work.

None of the destination email addresses are recognized, or the Message-ID header in the email has been modified. Please make sure that you are sending to the correct email address provided by staff.

Is that how it’s supposed to work? Thank you for all your helpful entries !

Are you using mail receiver for inbound emails? have you followed the howto properly?

because that email does not exist on discourse.

Since discourse isn’t an email application, replying without an associated topic isn’t possible.

what logs? did you see:

mail-receiver logs can be found by ssh’ing into your server and

cd /var/discourse
./launcher logs mail-receiver

This has nothing to do with mail-receiver, You have to configure bounce notification with your ESP and follow this guide:


I have one more question for you.
If I set the mx records for receiving a message (rejected/bounced) to my own email (which means I won’t be able to see them in the admin panel) then will work correctly answering by email / writing new topics by email?

no it won’t. since discourse can’t see those emails.

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So I have to choose:
or this useful function of answering / writing via email
or the possibility of conveniently receiving and replying to e-mails to/from a private mailbox?

If so, it is best if from the level of discourse/mail-receiver to possibility immediately reply (such a small mail client) because we have to choose either this or that

Do I get it right?

For reply-by-email, If you’re using POP3 Polling then you can technically use the same mailbox for other purposes but it is not recommended on the other hand, if You’re using mail-receiver, you need the MX records to be strictly dedicated to the mail-receiver and can not use that (sub)domain for sending/receiving emails

E.g. If I have and I use for emails, my discourse is set up on and mail-receiver is on the same sub domain then I can not use for sending regular emails but can be pointed to another MX.

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And is it possible to add a module to the mail receiver so that from the forum level you can reply to e-mails and write e-mails?

it would solve the problem and be the most convenient

Not in it’s current state, But I think it may be possible through a custom plugin.

If you absolutely need this and have a Good budget in mind then #marketplace is a good place to post your requirements and someone may be able to make it for You.

This is why all of the documentation talks about a dedicated subdomain for your discourse installation.

That way you can send and receive email to mailboxes still while using an MX records against the subdomain for direct-delivery email into discourse.

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And for the main domain, just do a redirection do -> ?