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Or equally you might say that that Theme does not consider this plugin?

Is that Theme overriding a template? If so that may be part of the issue. The plugins we support target the base install and if a Theme works that’s a pleasant benefit. I would extract the elements of that Theme that work and create your own.


I’m now maintaner of this plugin and here is a quick update regarding our update policy:

How to safely update when using our plugins:

Pavilion’s update schedule

Pavilion will focus on ensuring compatibility of this plugin with Discourse Core tests-passed branch during the first 5 days of every month.

Any bugs which arise because of an incompatibility will be addressed asap during this ‘supported period’, preferably by the 7th day. Low severity bugs or Beta features may be kept out of supported scope.

How to perform your update

Consider testing your update on your own staging server built from a back-up of your production site. You can switch this server off for the rest of the month so you don’t get charged for up-time. Use this opportunity to test out all basic functionality to identify any issues with plugins. Report all critical and high issues asap on the relevant plugin topic.

Aim to update your Production Discourse instance in the first 5 days of every month. You will get more focussed support from the Pavilion team on any issues with their plugins during this period.

You update your Production server outside of the first 5 days of the month at your own risk.

Major code rewrite is coming. You can follow it here:


Pardon the confusion: I’m reading I update by the 5th day. Are you saying additional bug fixes will be released through the seventh day?

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This is a policy that covers all Pavilion plugins.

Sorry for the confusion. What we are saying is any high or critical severity issue identified by the fifth day will be rectified hopefully by the 7th. Then you can update the plugin ONLY and things should work again. The main takeaway is that there may be a small lag involved before a fix is issued, hence the difference in those two numbers (5 versus 7).

If the bug is SO bad that you have to remove the plugin, obviously that will require a rebuild to replace it and Discourse will get updated too. We’ll deal with those occasions when they crop up. Hopefully those will be very unusual.


@mbcahyono @merefield

I am getting this error when installing the plugin from git, please assist.

It seems you’re trying to install it as a theme. This is a plugin, not a theme. Please follow this guide:


It is so awesome to hear! Some questions if you may:

  1. Technically speaking, how should I run the tests branch from production?
  2. You said that this plugin will be rewritten. Is there a plan what is going to change and what is going to be added?

Thank you very much!

  1. It’s optional. We have our own staging site and you can test the plugin here:

However, you could setup your own staging site and test the plugin there if you’d like to.

  1. More like code refactor. No new feature has been added.

Any plans for future? Saw a post about it a while ago on Pavilion. :slight_smile:

@mbcahyono @merefield

Can you please assist, I am getting 502 Bad Gateway error after adding below plugin hook.


Have you tried to comment this line and rebuild?

how can i default sort all posts on a topic to have the most voted/most liked posts on top, like stackoverflow does? @angus

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After removing the plugin the site is back to normal, how to fix this issue ? is it not compatible with latest discourse version ?

This is the first time you install any custom plugin? Just tested locally and everything works fine. This is isolated case unless someone else report the same issue.

502 usually means the frontend (Nginx) is running but the backend (Rails server/Unicorn?) is not.

What’s your app.yml looks like?

other plugins are working fine.

## Plugins go here
## see for details
    - exec:
        cd: $home/plugins
          - git clone
          - git clone
          - git clone
            # - git clone

I really like this suggestion. Will developers consider adding these features to plugins?


Added to my to-do list.


Added to the plugin:




Could you consider to add an “blacklist” tag, which can be used to disable Q&N layout for threads with that tag? (Like you have, for enabling it) :slight_smile:

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I will see if I can add this feature in the next release (around 5th next month) :slight_smile: