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Hi Sam, what happened?

Not sure, but @chilldark is saying it does not work on latest

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@chilldark We’ve already discussed the issue with your setup in some length in the topic you linked to.

As @fzngagan told you in that topic back in October:

I’m happy to change this, but we’re running this plugin on many of our instances (both development and production) without any issues. You can make a PR for this change, we’ll wait on other people to report the issue and if they do report the same issue, @pacharanero will merge it. Meanwhile, you can use your PR branch to avoid the error.

Please do not repost the same issue in multiple places just to attract attention.

@sam It is working fine on the latest Discourse. See for example: Pavilion (which is running the latest Discourse).


It’s been working for us as well on latest.

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We have an issue with this plugin. Some topics give 500 error. Log file says:

Started GET “/t/20390.json” for at 2020-01-14 06:20:45 +0000
Processing by TopicsController#show as JSON
Parameters: {“id”=>“20390”}
Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 161ms (ActiveRecord: 0.0ms | Allocations: 35238)
NoMethodError (undefined method to_i' for [8, 8]:Array) /var/www/discourse/plugins/discourse-question-answer/lib/qa_post_edits.rb:115:in qa_vote_count’

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Thanks for the report. I’ll take a look at it on Friday.

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I’ve added some extra protections here to avoid the error you’re getting (which is specific to your instance). It should work for you now.


Hello our issue fixed with this update thanks.


I have the following warning in the devtools:

_ember_jquery-c2cca4a19fd4c70eabc95b010a6d7643955ec2a2251aeb1d70f625773eebea21.js:72538 [DEPRECATION] ember-addons/ember-computed-decorators is deprecated.
Please use discourse-common/utils/decorators instead.

I also have the same warning when I under the QA sandbox. I believe it’s due to the following line:

Could it be it? If so, could it be possible to change it to discourse-common/utils/decorators as it suggested in the warning?

Also, for some reason, sometimes when user commented on an answer, it is not possible to comment on the first comment. For example I have the following structure:

  • Answer 1
    • Comment 1

Then, under comment 1 I don’t have the comment button. How should I comment on the comment 1? I do have the button comment under Answer 1 but it will not sort the comments by the date - the new comment will be above the first comment:

  • Answer 1
    • Comment 2
    • Comment 1
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Yes. I just updated Topic List Previews for this. It may take a while before a developer can attend to this. PR accepted

Uploaded a PR here.
Not sure how to solve my second question though.

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Thanks @Varsii, appreciated! We will get someone to review and merge the PRs (decorators one looks good, but I’ll leave it for the assigned person).


Hello @angus, and thanks for this plugin! Your “Q/A category” link above is broken. I would love to see this plugin in action. Do you have any other links to see this plugin live, in the wild?

@jord8on you have it here


Sorry I missed this, and THANK YOU for the direct link.

@angus just a thought - Several other plugins offer a link in the main description of the plugin, to “see the plugin in action” Any chance you could add that link into the main topic description, here? Just a thought.

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Thanks for the note. I’ve added an example link in the first post :+1:


Angus, you are a great Plugin Author. I have been following your posts.
I found a problem, this plugin is not compatible with some themes.

Or equally you might say that that Theme does not consider this plugin?

Is that Theme overriding a template? If so that may be part of the issue. The plugins we support target the base install and if a Theme works that’s a pleasant benefit. I would extract the elements of that Theme that work and create your own.


I’m now maintaner of this plugin and here is a quick update regarding our update policy:

How to safely update when using our plugins:

Pavilion’s update schedule

Pavilion will focus on ensuring compatibility of this plugin with Discourse Core tests-passed branch during the first 5 days of every month.

Any bugs which arise because of an incompatibility will be addressed asap during this ‘supported period’, preferably by the 7th day. Low severity bugs or Beta features may be kept out of supported scope.

How to perform your update

Consider testing your update on your own staging server built from a back-up of your production site. You can switch this server off for the rest of the month so you don’t get charged for up-time. Use this opportunity to test out all basic functionality to identify any issues with plugins. Report all critical and high issues asap on the relevant plugin topic.

Aim to update your Production Discourse instance in the first 5 days of every month. You will get more focussed support from the Pavilion team on any issues with their plugins during this period.

You update your Production server outside of the first 5 days of the month at your own risk.

Major code rewrite is coming. You can follow it here:


Pardon the confusion: I’m reading I update by the 5th day. Are you saying additional bug fixes will be released through the seventh day?

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