Question Answer Plugin

(Angus McLeod) #42

Thanks for the bug report. Fixed.


Works great! Thanks so much.

(Brock) #44

Trying to view your Q&A plugin in action but getting a “This site can’t be reached” message

(Angus McLeod) #45

Yeah, I just took that sandbox down. I’m making a new one.

(Angus McLeod) #46

Ok the new sandbox is up.

The Q/A category has this plugin enabled.

(Chris Beach) #49

I tried out the Q&A plugin in your sandbox. Think it’s a great idea. An observation - Finding the vote button was non-obvious:

I think instead, the like button should be repurposed (or hidden & a vote button added in its place). And for extra clarity, a “vote” label placed beside it (which could read “X votes” when X votes have been placed.

There has got to be a way to have a scoring based on the civility of a post, rather than just popularity
(Chris Beach) #50

Also it would be good if replies to a post were collapsed under each post, with a prominent button eg “2 replies” that you click to expand them into view.

Otherwise, replies will break the model


I think this UI would be a minor but effective upgrade.

Also, is anyone testing the sandbox out on mobile, page responsiveness is not working.

(Angus McLeod) #52

I had some time yesterday, so I brought this plugin to a point where it makes a bit more sense.

  • Replies to replies always appear underneath the reply they are replying to in the order they were posted.

  • Replies to replies are indented and smaller (even ‘comment-like’ you might say).

  • You can’t reply to replies to replies.

I’ve attempted to make these changes feel ‘natural’, so:

  • Posts are staged in the order described above;

  • Neither the topic-timeline or its alternate the topic-progress box are added to the topic dom. Both represent the posts in the order they were posted, so they don’t make sense here.

  • 'The show-replies button and the reply-to-tab are prevented from being inserted into post. Both are either don’t make sense or are just visual clutter in this style of topic.
    12 AM57 AM

  • The experience is the same on mobile

Visual example:

Example topic:

cc @supernaturally

(Chris Beach) #53

Excellent stuff @angus.

The new layout works well and removing the extraneous elements is a great idea.

I wonder if the vote button should be more button-like so people know to press it?

(Wiliam Joaquim) #54

I added the plugin in my forum, it’s great!

What is it that you are in a position to create a connection to the device is not enabled. But it’s very good, Congratulations!

(Raphael Haase) #55

I can’t find the setting to turn on the plugin for a category after installation. The plugin shows up in the Admin interface though. Is there anything else I have to turn on?


Fantastic work, this really takes things to a new level. The only issue I’m seeing is still the mobile responsiveness issue, here is a screenshot from an s8:

(Wiliam Joaquim) #57

I noticed a bug, at least for me. After installing, all topics could not be accessed, a connection error occurred, after going in the settings of each category and activate the QnA returned to function normally. But if you do not activate, the error happens.

Now I noticed another, the welcome message from the discobot, is giving error, when creating a new user, and the notification arrives, the user clicks and receives the error of the image, of “we can not load the topic”, how can I solve ?

(Angus McLeod) #58

Strange. I’m not seeing that. That looks like an older version. Try again?

(Angus McLeod) #59

Ok I’ve fixed both issues and also wrapped all the plugin logic in an enabled setting. You’ll need to turn it on for the plugin to work.

26 AM


It seems like the error I reported earlier is only occurring in Samsung internet browser (basically a modified chromium build for Samsung galaxy phones), but your sandbox works very well when viewing in either stock Chrome or Firefox.

(Daler) #61

Hey! From the UX point (especially for non-tech users) having both the “Like” button and the “Vote” button on a Question is a bit confusing. How about adding settings like:

  1. qa tie votes to likes - i.e. updating the vote/like count simultaneously for Questions (not answers) and re-positioning based on “Likes”

  2. qa voting button & count - let’s you select which button+count to show and use for voting on Questions (“vote”, “like” or both) and hide the non-selected from HTML.

Also, if only “Likes” were used to do voting, we get the benefit of not duplicating the existing functionality e.g. the Count, the List of likers (voters), and the “Undo vote”. Just augment the “Likes” with a setting like:

  1. qa replace like icon - replaces the “heart” with the “vote” icon (only for Questions, not answers).

Later you could add a “Dislike” action to keep a separate count of downvotes (not interfering with “Likes”), and the post’s position score could be calculated based on Likes, Dislikes, and then other factors like (voting time, voter’s reputation etc.).

Yet again, perhaps the existing “Flagging” action could be augmented with an option like “I dislike this” :disappointed:

UPDATE: Just another idea do consider:

  1. a setting like: qa reverse to downvote - can turn the voting button and counter into a Dislike button, keeping the list of Dislikers ( :frowning: or :-1:) separate from Likers.
    Of course the positioning formula will then account for: Likes - Dislikes and we can style things with CSS.

Just a pic to illustrate current state of the art :slight_smile:

UPDATE-2: In case the Downvoting be implemented we should consider some protection against troll-voting (too many voters suppress or surface a post).

I’m not sure about a good (yet simple) formula to calculate the position score but it could be like:

PositionScore = (Likes - Dislikes)/TotalVotes 
 + LikeByOwner + LikesByStaff + LikesByMods
 - DislikeByOwner - DislikesByStaff - DislikesByMods

Plus a setting to enable such formula instead of simple +/- vote count.

(Angus McLeod) #62

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I’ll try and address your points in a few days when I have the time.


@angus Great plugin! I really like the UI of embedding replies - it would be good fun to see if we could work out some UI changes to mimic the discussion format at Kaggle. In regards to the concept of threaded replies - are there any scalability limitations or issues that your plugin introduces to our discourse instance? I’ve been following the threaded replies discussion, and there are a number of posts that express concerns in modifying the post stream.

Just curious if this plugin will introduce any potential conflicts to the ‘massive assumptions’ mentioned above (scalability, compatibility with future core updates, etc.)