Question: Why is inviting people disabled at TL2?

Hello. I would like to know why invitations are disabled at TL2 despite being the normal requirement for inviting people? Is it because of the “Champion” badge exploit?

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I dont think badges have anything to do with this, rather it’s Discourse default.

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The exploit that involves inviting yourself?

The badge is just visual. It doesn’t change anything.

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It was changed a little while back due to a glitch and I forgot to change it back again. :man_facepalming: I have now reset it back to the default. :+1:


Quite soon someone with much more competence tells how thing are really, but I claim it is because invitations is an feature as whole that can be used wrong. There is sharing that does almost same thing, but is safer against spammers and malicious users.

I’m totally sure badges have not any role in this. Badges are just images and part of gamification culture and gives absolut nothing but some secondary content at profile page.

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What was the glitch?

Also I just realized that the invitation glitch was still there. (inviting yourself)

That is being tracked in this topic - Invite badges from inviting your self :+1:

There was an issue with the invite-redeemer: 2.9.0.beta12: Security fix, bug fixes and more

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