Inviting people multiple times grants you badges

A user may invite the same user multiple times to receive invitation-related badges.

The invite system is still broken because you can invite the same user multiple times and they will count as multiple users. This is linked to Invite badges from inviting yourself because you can invite another person multiple times and recieve badges.

Hi @twofoursixeight. :wave:

I saw your screenshots and included links. I’ll try to repro this and will update you here. :slight_smile:


Has there been any updates on this bug report?

I’ve slipped this over to ux as I don’t feel that it constitutes something that would be considered a breaking issue that interferes with the normal running of a site. I believe the issue linked in the OP acquired a pr-welcome tag, so I’ll see if this issue can also be opened up to the community to solve. :+1: