Questions about creating, uploading, editing tags

I’m trying to create a tag, but am having issues:

I can save “afb” as a tag, but I cannot save “afb_american_foul_brood”.
I get the option to save part of the tag, but not the whole tag:

I would like one tag:

(I cannot upload more pictures :frowning: )

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Maybe I have to create a spreadsheet?

The default maximum length of tags is 20. Use the max tag length setting to change it.

(From a UX perspective, it would be better to show a warning here)


Thank you :slight_smile: I couldn’t find that option when I was creating the tags.
Is there a way to create tags without groups?
I also can’t find the topic on how to do it via a CSV file.

From memory it is supposed to look something like:

I wish there was a simple tutorial (step by step) with all the instructions for creating tags (updated). (I’m not a coder) (I guess I could learn if the instructions were easy)

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See the tag CVS upload dialog :wink:


Yes, I found it a couple of minutes after I asked :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Next questions:

  1. How to delete tags no longer needed/wanted? e.g. I want to delete “afb” and only have “afb-american-foulbrood-disease”.
    After I uploaded CSV file, it has kept old tags that are incorrect.

I cannot see an area to delete the tags (I see: “delete unused tags” - but none of the tags have been used yet).

I cannot see it here either:

Or here:

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Because you have all the tags in a CSV file and your tags on Discourse have never been used, click on Delete Unused Tags in order to delete all tags.

Then you can upload the CSV file with the correct names.


Thank you :slight_smile: I would still like to know how to edit tags later though individually, without deleting and uploading every time.
Is this possible?
As sometimes I am creating tags as I go now in the forum while in a topic, but would like to know how to edit tags later without going to the specific topic. Or will I have to go to the specific topics and edit individually?

On the tag’s page (e.g., there’s a button at the top right of the page with a :pencil2: icon. Click it to edit the tag. Unfortunately that modal is broken right now:

EDIT: fixed the modal.


hmmm, I think I must be missing it still, or it is broken again.

You need to click a tag first


Thank you :slight_smile: I didn’t understand e.g.

I thought you meant the general tags page.

My forum uses many, many tags. A single post may have as many as 10 tags, and all of my tags are in child/parent relationships (no lone tags). So, after that introduction, I was wondering if it were possible to select tags for a topic all at once without leaving the tag box/field. The reverse is true already, being that if I want to remove tags I can click them one by one without having to click the tag field/box every time. I can click the “x” next to each of them all while inside the field, “optional tags.”

If you can imagine that when I want to select ten different tags to assign to my topic, I must click, enter, and scroll through the “optional tags” field ten times. Am I missing something? Is there an easier way that everyone else uses?

I accidently deleted a tag from a Tag group and want to restore it. Followed this thread but still can’t figure it out. Anyone able to advise?