Editing tags (renaming and deleting)

Not sure if I’ve missed, but where can I edit my tags?

Is there a bulk tag editing feature?

I’ve searched around topics here but couldn’t find it.

If there is indeed a topic explaining, please let me know :slight_smile:

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Click on the tag you want to rename and in that tag’s page you can see the buttons Delete and Rename tags

No, from what I can see.


Tags are created dynamically. Assuming tags are enabled via Site Settings, and you have a trust level that allows tag creation, you can simply add a tag to a topic during creation, or via edit. As a staff user, you can edit tags by going to the tags page, http://<your discourse domain>/tags, clicking on a tag, then click rename or delete.

Edit: whoops, ninja’d by @Trash :smiley:


@brunoedigital, can you explain exactly what you are looking for? There is a change tags feature in the admin wrench. To access, click the small icon to the top right of the topic list, then select via check boxes the topics you wish to change the tags on. Next, click the admin wrench in the top right, and click Change Tags. Enter the tags you want, and click Change Tags. Important note: doing so changes the tags, it does not append them. Any tags currently on the selected topics will be removed, so this does not work to add a tag to topics that already have tags. The option to mass append tags has been request, however.

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Thanks @Trash and @jomaxro — all clear now :slight_smile: Appreciated!

BTW @jomaxro the small icon you mention is this one right?

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Yep, when you flag a topic a wrench icon appears on the right and you can manage topics


Yes, exactly as @Trash said. Sorry I didn’t get screenshots, I’m on mobile for the next week while travelling.

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