Questions about user event webhooks

Is there a document somewhere that I’m not finding that describes in detail the various webhooks, their payloads, and what triggers them?

In my particular example, I’m curious to know:

  • Does the user is updated event also trigger when the user is:
    • created
    • approved
    • deleted
    • suspended
    • unsuspended

I’m currently working on connecting these webhooks to Airtable and I’m getting some failures that I unfortunately can’t debug due to the limitations of Airtable’s platform, so I’m trying to rule out everything I can by better understanding the Discourse side.

Hi Jordan!

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any documentation related to webhook events.

I would test myself with a dummy user (and enable all webhook events) or look at the code.

The event user_updated doesn’t trigger the listed actions. They have their events:


You can find the all events names definitions here:

Also, you can see the event name related to the translation here:

I hope that helps!