Quick Messages Plugin

That was incredibly fast and I can confirm the fix worked. :+1: Thanks!

Thanks for the awesome plugin!

Things to be improve:

  1. Add support for watched group message(currently it shows the notification but not in the message list).
  2. Option to remove message icon in user drop-down.
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@angus Hello, I used the Quick Message plugin and my community and I absolutely love it, thank you for such a great addition! :heart: I have a crucial feature request;
Could you make it where next to the recipient(s) name it displays if they are online? (if you have the Who’s Online plugin)

Then a feature that shows if the recipient(s) is typing, this one is essential.

Thank you so much, I truly appreciate the great work you have done to enhance Discourse :slight_smile:


Not sure how long this has been the case but I get blank messages in the pop-over window; running the latest plugin and Discourse Installed (v2.1.0.beta1 +15):

(here at https://dev.lucee.org)

I’ve got the straight-up vanilla forum theme in place with some simple colour changes. Is this a known issue? Or possibly a conflict with another plugin?


Changed the colour scheme… no joy. And when I look at the markup it looks like the DIVs are devoid of content.

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A couple feature requests for this great plugin.

  1. Give a tooltip with the timestamp of a message on hover (or pressing down on mobile)
  2. Show a timestamp in the message thread at certain intervals, like when it’s a new day between messages or there is a decent gap of time (hour or two) between messages. Similar to how iMessages does it.

I will add support for this soon.

hm, I’m not sure about this one. What’s the utility of removing this icon?

I signed up as angus on your forum. Send me a message.

I’ve added support for the Who’s Online plugin.




I’ve added a site setting to let you change the icon: quick message icon.


Yeah, makes sense. I’ll add it soonish.


Thank you so much for the support, and pardon my dumb question, but those github links that you placed in your response, not to install Quick Messages, do I have to copy the the Git clone link and install it on my website like a normal plugin? Like if I wanted to have quick messages display if a recipient is online, etc.?

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If you have Quick Messages installed already (i.e. you’ve been using it on your site), just go to yoursite.com/admin/upgrade and upgrade Quick Messages.

If you don’t have Quick Messages installed yet, you can follow this guide to install it.


It still does not show if the person/recipient is online or not :frowning:

It seems to be working on my sandbox.


Do you have Who’s Online installed and is Quick Messages is up-to-date?

Where’s your site?

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@modius Thanks for the test message, it clarified what was wrong.

Your issue is a conflict between the Checklist Plugin and this plugin.

This will fix it:



Yes it is, it’s blinqchat,com

So after updating to the latest version the icon disappeared and was showing up as fa-undefined in the html. The new setting did have envelope filled in by default. To fix it, I had to change it to something else, then change it back to envelope.

strange things happened to me after updating discourse tests-passed git repo. i found a bunch of error messages in my logs (my.site.com/logs) that a certain …ember.js asset couldn’t be found. had to remove the plugin for now since that caused my droplet (2xCPU, 4GB RAM) to spike at 100%+ CPU and become unresponsive.

as i understand it, during rebuild your git repo gets cloned, so i should have the latest version automatically. strange that i seem to be the only one this is happening to…

[edit: i foolishly cleared those error messages from the log before copying them. that’s why i write this here instead of github. don’t have the time to recreae those errors now, but will sooner or later and, if it happens again, submit a bug for this.]

You’re using the flair style and I hand’t added QM-specific css for that yet. It should work once you update:


@cmwebdev Are you still having an issue? See @blinq’s https://blinqchat.com/ of an example of another icon being used.

@phani00 Sorry you had an issue. I need a bit more info to investigate unfortunately. I haven’t had any such issues on my Sandbox.


@angus nope, issue was resolved by changing the option to something else and changing it back to envelope.

I should have been clearer in that post. I was reporting a potential bug. I never wanted to change the icon in the first place. All I did was update the plugin and the icon disappeared.

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tried to reproduce the error i mentioned, but doesn’t happen again – after rebuild & reboot of the whole box.

may have had something to do with files left in a weird state after simply restarting the app. have seen that in other cases here and on my own install as well. sorry for the noise :roll_eyes:

@angus: the errors are back :frowning_face:

have been using your plugin a lot and i think switching to full-screen mode, either by me or who i have been chatting with, triggered the errors. when i did it my browser crashed as well (vivaldi-snapshot).

those CPU spikes were there too, but not as bad as they used to be. everything went back to normal quickly. probably because i slightly increased my droplet size and rebuilt the app, with more unicorn workers, etc.

attaching one of the backtraces as txt file, looks horrible in here.

here is the corresponding entry in

2018/06/09 17:49:52 [error] 306#306: *13863 open() "/var/www/discourse/public/assets/ember_jquery-27e777857b8c0730dacfe09cb11711365 d21a5db4f9ee0b85d494e4259cf6cda.js:2:16548" failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server: _, request: "GET /assets/ember_jquery-27e777857b8c0730dacfe09cb11711365d21a5db4f9ee0b85d494e4259cf6cda.js:2:16548 HTTP/1.1", host: "discourse.mayapur-community.com"

i don’t see your plugin name mentioned in there, but even though i installed https://meta.discourse.org/t/focus-full-screen-composer-mode/85399 since then, the errors looked the same when they happened last time, w/o the focus-thing.

[edit: no. of error messages keeps increasing even w/o switching from quick to full page chat. but this doesn’t seem to have much of a negative effect on the site’s functioning anymore.]

error-backtrace.txt (1.5 KB)

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@angus A couple really sweet update ideas could be:

  1. Being able to horizontally scale the pop-up chat like you can vertically.

  2. Being able to make the pop-up chat it’s own window, as done here:


One thing I would really like to see is the ability to only use the toolbar part of the quick messages plugin, I really like the way it makes the private message functionality more obvious with the big button in the top toolbar!

Unfortunately the facebook style message popups are really tricky to make work correctly if you have custom themes or theme components like the header search or material theme and so on, and if you write a typical Discourse post with lots of paragraphs it becomes kinda unreadable in the quick message popup.


Feature Request:
Make the avatar in the chat and the username in the top bar of the chat link to the user’s profile popup/modal like when you click on a username/avatar anywhere else in Discourse.