Quick Messages Plugin

(Angus McLeod) #264

Thanks for the bug report James. This is do it. Let me know if there are more issues.


Is there any chance of enabling this in mobile view? It seems like a simple style issue to get things working, and my app would greatly benefit from it.

(Angus McLeod) #266

I’m reticent to get into mobile chat. There’s a reason Facebook created an entirely separate app for that.

For example, what would multiple chat windows on mobile look like?


Well said. I thought it might be interesting just to have a button open the private messages. The latest-first approach by Discourse seems like an interesting approach to mobile chat - definitely not Messenger, but it works. We use an enterprise tool for mass text messages, and it’s mobile app looks the exact same as Discourse’s private message window (it’s literally a large repeating group with the name and a short preview snippet). It works surprisingly well…not super polished, but very functional.

(Ankur) #268

@angus Please make it available on mobile phones.

(Angus McLeod) #269

Sorry, I won’t be attempting that any time soon. See:

(Ankur) #270

Limit it to single window only for mobile. Because more than 60% users are using forums on mobile device.

(Angus McLeod) #271

It was pointed out to me that this plugin wasn’t working very well. I’ve refactored it and brought it up to speed with current Discourse. The feature set is the same.

I had a change of heart and also added mobile support. You can only have one chat open at once on mobile, but the rest of the feature set is the same:

  • Full emoji support
  • Upload support
  • Can resume existing, or create new message threads

You can try it out on https://discourse.angusmcleod.com.au

This is another plugin (in addition to Question Answer) that I won’t be doing much work on for a while. I didn’t want to leave it in a semi-broken state however.


Awesome update.

I just tried installing and I’m not getting the messaging icon at all. I’m running latest 2.0 with Babble installed as well.

It’s enabled in the settings, however for menu icons I have Babble, search, hamburger, my Avatar.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?

Many thanks,

(Angus McLeod) #273

I just tested Babble and Quick Messages together and they seem to be compatible.


Check your console logs and server logs (yoursite.com/logs). See if there’s any exceptions.

Where is your site? I can take a look.


Weird, it’s working now. It must have been a caching issue. I refreshed browser cache or so I thought.

Great stuff Angus!

(Allan Lasser) #275

Hi Angus, thanks for another really useful plugin :slight_smile: I think I found a bug that hasn’t been reported yet. It appears as though “small actions” are only partially included in the quick message dialog stream. For example, when a new user is invited to the message thread, in the standard full-page view of the message you’ll see an element in the list of posts that has an (+) icon, the avatar of the user who took the action, and the message (e.g. Invited @user 1 day ago). However, in the quick message box, all that’s visible is the avatar of the user who took the action, without any message.

(Angus McLeod) #276

Thanks for the detailed report, much appreciated. I’ve added a read-only version of small post actions to the quick message post stream.

Add read-only small actions to quick post-stream · angusmcleod/discourse-quick-messages@3b1c0a7 · GitHub

I’m filing this under ‘fixes to existing functionality’. My policy of not doing any new work on this plugin remains the same.

(Bank Live) #277

I think is bug from quick messages or not.


But i put F5 to refresh it ok.


(Angus McLeod) #278

Are there any relevant messages in the browser console and / or your /logs?

(Bank Live) #279

No, Normal has never had a problem


The browser notifications for new message opens the regular message.

  1. Is there any way to replace the link to the quick messages view instead?

  2. Is there a way to keep the box open even after reloading the page?

(Angus McLeod) #281

I am currently travelling. I will look at this and @Bank_Live’s issue in more detail next week.

(Bank Live) #282

Ok. Thank you very much.

(Colin Marshall) #283

Great plugin! One small issue on my site. Clicking the message icon on mobile moves the right-side icons in the menu bar to a new row. This is possibly because the messages window that pops up below the menu bar overlaps the logo horizontally. See attached image.