Quick Messages Plugin

Like this plugin but on the mobile browser the envelope icon pushes the icons onto a new line thereby making the header toolbar too wide.

@mrdiscourse Yes I’ve been meaning to restrict the plugin to desktop only for now. Thanks for prompting me. I’ve updated it so it won’t affect the mobile web version.


The Plug-in looks promising! After Installation i got that Issue:

One Icon is pressed downwards. BUT I have the Babble Plugin installed also, perhaps that causes the Problem. Disabling babble did not solve it.

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hm yes. The stylesheet was not getting registered. It should work now. You’ll need to clear your browser cache to ensure you pick up the change.

It seems as though adding a hyphen to a stylesheet name prevents it from being registered properly. Is that intended? @riking @zogstrip ?

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It is not. Feel free to submit a PR if you find a fix :wink:

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Great plugin! Testing it out on a website. Looks like something my community could really use.

Excited to see more features roll out.

Thanks! I’m currently working on multiple message composers/streams. This one requires a fair bit of work (distilling the relevant composer logic into a single component), so it’ll be a few more days, but that feature should be out soon.


I’ve installed this plugin and I really like it - well done! :thumbsup: I look forward to getting feedback from my community.

Some suggestions that come to mind that I think might help make it even better - just suggestions.

  • user setting to optionally exclude group messages from message list (though presumably muted groups or users will not show - haven’t tested)
  • ability to archive messages directly from the quick messaging window
  • ability to toggle regular fullscreen/quick messaging view of message
  • ability to flag messages from quick messaging window
  • ability for admins to delete messages from quick messaging window (or simply access the wrench with all admin actions)
  • ability to invite more users or groups to a message (though this is still not finished for regular messaging either)

Kudos! More grease to your elbow!


After testing with my team, I have two more suggestions…

  • Display post timestamps. It helps to know when a post was made, esp if the message at the top of the message list is not new.
  • Display images in a popup that can be Xed out of when clicked as usual rather than leaving discourse entirely and having to use the browser back button to get back.

… and a bug report.

  • the Quick Messages plugin appears to conflict with and operate at cross purposes with browser notifications. I was typing a quick message while someone else posted to the message, and I got the quick message green notification circle and a browser popup at the same time. Clicking on the browser popup I was of course taken away from the message to view it the old way, and warned that leaving would abandon my message in progress. I guess it should suppress the browser notification for messages if in the quick message interface if that’s possible, or perhaps hijack what happens when you click on it and take you to the quick message interface instead of the old destination. If it’s open nothing should happen.

I’m on osx chrome Version 49.0.2623.87 (64-bit) in case that helps…

(I generally wonder why you still have to close the browser notification popup even after clicking the link in the notification. I think it should close.)


Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions. Very useful.

At the risk of generalizing, the tenor of your suggestions are to make features of regular posts available (with appropriate UI changes). I have been thinking about this and will do a number of your suggestions soon. Particularly, timestamps and archive / delete functionalities.

Actually, I’m going to start on these in the next day or so, as improving the post stream in the quick message compose ties in with my game-plan for the performance of multiple composers (having a simplified post stream, as I do currently, slows down the speed at which new posts appear in the stream). Hopefully will have something to release this weekend.

For the issue with notifications, I see your point. Interestingly, Facebook messages have a similar issue: http://quick.as/4yzpfae59 (compare quick messages: http://quick.as/r096IbrZy). I agree that this is not a great user experience. However, I think I’ll tackle this after improving the message stream and finishing the multiple composers feature.

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That’s awesome - thanks, Angus! Happy to help with testing and continuing to provide feedback. Your process and priorities are on track as far as I can see.

Some more feedback: message notifications for watched group messages prompt the green circle on the envelope to show, but in fact new group messages do not show up in the quick messages list. This is puzzling.

To find new group messages and clear the notification circle, I had to click through to my notifications or my messages inbox.

I think it should display watched group messages on the quick messages list if it’s going to show the notification indicator.


Thanks, and a little update.

I liked the functions of both awesome plugins,babble and Quick Message, so I tried to install them both…

…and obviously, these plugins does not want to work together in peace :joy::

I don’t know why could this happen, might be babble’s improper layout or discourse’s own limitation? Under this state I cannot click on the categories button, new post button and tabs on settings page, so I had to uninstall it :frowning:

Anyway thanks a lot! This is a really awesome plugin, with good UI, and I’d like to see more updates and possibly new features :slight_smile:

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Are you going to add some notification sound for incoming message?


Hey guys, thanks for your patience. I’m happy to say I just finished the multiple composer feature.

This is a big refactor so there will probably be some issues. I’ve had to disable uploads temporarily until I hook them up properly.


  1. Clicking on multiple items in the messages menu will open multiple composers! Similar to Facebook Messenger.

  2. When the combined width of the composers and padding fills the width of your browser window, the composers will stack on the left of the screen (minimized).

  3. The message posting experience is a lot quicker as each composer component is staging posts in the postStream and then committing them if they post successfully.


hm maybe. Discourse doesn’t have sound effects that I’m aware of…? Adding them in just in one place might feel a bit out of place.

Hey, this should be fixed now if you pull in the latest. The reason this happens is because when multiple plugins use the same outlet, a container view is used by Discourse to hold both plugins.

The hack I’ve added to deal with the alignment of the container view and its children (i.e. the two plugin icons) is to add a class to it if it exists from my plugin’s menu item view.

export default Ember.View.extend({

  didInsertElement: function() {
    var $parentEl = this.get('parentView').$()
    if (!$parentEl.hasClass('icons')) {


But this is a hack. I think that for the container view in the header-before-dropdowns plugin outlet there may be a case for adding a display: inline-block or float: right to the element in Discourse itself. cc @sam

Thanks @tobiaseigen I’ll add this to the list of to dos. Hopefully, will get to it this weekend. This is the rough list:

  1. Hook up uploads in refactored composer.

  2. Add a delete feature.

  3. Handle group messages.


Install now =D


I have a 2 problem.
In menù, the icon is allineated on the left:

The text, is white :open_mouth:

Hey, thanks for giving it a spin.

It looks like you’ve made all the text on your site white. I just explicitly set the text in messages to black, so rebuild your docker container and the text should update (unless you’ve set the color using custom css).

For the icon alignment, could you explain the issue a bit more? Thanks.

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