Quotes from inside and outside the topic render differently

Running version: v2.3.0.beta9 +423

On my site, a user has quoted another several times in one post, but the quoted user’s name only appears on the first quote, with the title of the quoted topic appearing in other instances:

[quote="DerbyChair2018, post:12, topic:10206"]
I take great exception to your comment that as a brewer, publican and branch chair I misunderstood that real ale comes in vessels other than cask

[quote="DerbyChair2018, post:1, topic:10188"]
I am also asking these questions just pertaining to real ale, NOT kegged beers:

[quote="DerbyChair2018, post:15, topic:10188"]
On real ale, cask ale, kegged… You are the first person out of many to mention this. ...
So, I’m interested in why you pointed it out. Is this something you see as important to CAMRA and Campaigning?

[quote="DerbyChair2018, post:29, topic:10188"]
I think when someone says legged beer everyone thinks of beer that is gassed unnaturally.

I wonder how anyone could have come away with the impression that even though you are a brewer, publican and branch chair, you misunderstood that real ale comes in vessels other than cask?

This is rendering as follows:

This is confusing, as in this instance, it would appear that a user with username “Flavoured Beers” is the origin of the other quotes, not “DerbyChair2018”.

Is this expected behaviour?

Does Flavoured Beers participate in the topic? As your site is members-only I can’t look directly.

The post ID makes me wonder if an earlier post in the topic was removed.

“Flavoured Beers” is the topic title of the quoted post.

I think that’s the expected behavior for quotes from different topics, but it could be a regression. :man_shrugging: It certainly would be helpful if it also showed the username. The preview in the editor shows only the username.

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Flavoured Beers is the topic title from where the last three quotes are taken, and is not a username.

All posts and topics quoted still exist, and I can’t see any deleted posts.

I forgot to mention this! Yes, the editor preview shows the username, as I’d expect, but it is then rendered differently once posted.
I tried “Rebuild HTML”, but it made no difference.

Are there unique permissions on the topic through the category?


No, the category that all these topics (and posts) were in had ‘everyone: create/reply/see’ permission.

Those quotes come from two different topic IDs, 10206 and 10188. Is the behavior related to when a quote crosses a topic boundary?

This topic

A different topic:

Yep, that’s what’s happening, I understand now - I don’t think I’ve seen the same user quoted side-by-side between topics like that. Is that a bug though? Arguably different quote styles between the two make sense. It’s actually useful to know that it’s being quoted from outside the topic. It would be really easy to abuse the context of posts if they were taken between topics with no indicator.

The preview is a problem for sure, if we’re being picky.


Yeah this is not a bug @Alexander_Wright. You should have specified that some of those quotes were from the same topic.

Behavior is as designed…

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What about the preview? It’s definitely inconsistent with what ends up being published. It shows the name of the individual being quoted, rather than the link to the quoted topic.

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This confusion did take place (though happily not deliberately).

Luckily, the excellent new ‘Staff Notices’ feature enabled me to add a notice to remove the confusion.