Radiant, an elegant theme for Discourse

This theme aims to be minimal and at the same time has modern appeal. The entire styling is implemented via CSS and no image has been used.

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Topic page:

Full page search:


Let me know how this theme can be further improved. Enjoy! :smiley:


Very nice design!

Is there a way to customize the background shapes/colors? Being able to customize the “glow” of the main body on the background could be useful too.



Amazing work :heart: This theme looks pretty cool :heart_eyes:
I have one suggestion with uniform rounded corners and shadows. I mean the popups, menu, input fields etc… Will be pretty awesome with the new loading slider :heart_eyes:

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No, the background is made via CSS linear gradients and adding the ability to customize it will add complexity for forum admins.

Feel free to fork the theme to further customize it as per your requirements.

Good point. I’ll add it on my list for improvements. :+1:


I have improved the theme to make form inputs, header menu and modal consistent with the theme styling. Updated the first post with latest screenshots. :slight_smile:


lovely theme. i might be using this soon. thanks, good work.


Hi, the theme is very good. Is there any way to reduce that space at the top (see arrow)?

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I have reduced the default margin-top to 30px, via:


Feel free to fork the theme and further customize it as per your requirements. :slight_smile:


personally i think the smaller margin makes the gradient too noticeable. :confused:

could you lead me in the right direction to implement this as the background? https://codepen.io/chris22smith/pen/RZogMa

I absolutely love this theme, I would request it to the forum I’m on, just wanted to ask you some stuff.

I’m not someone who uses Discourse to make any forums, I’m the user of these forums, so some stuff might come out wrong, or too obvious, but I never used Discourse to build anything.

Are there any plans to make a Dark Mode version of this? I personally have the ‘Force Dark Mode for Web Contents’ flag on Edge enabled. It’s also a thing for Chrome. And it usually helps, these are some of the results I got from it.


Overall it looks fine with that flag on, but there’s some stuff that looks out of place for no obvious reason, which I would love to see adapted / fixed for Dark Mode if that’s possible :)

You woudn’t necessarily need to modify everything to make a Dark Mode specific version, as long as you fixed the weird color difference on the profile pages, it would pretty much work just fine with the flag enabled.


Not yet, but I’ll look into it. I’ll have to go with different color scheme though.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll look into them and make the changes if they do not affect the default (original) light version. :slight_smile:


I’ve just set up a Discourse and was itching to customizing it. I’m really glad I found your theme—it’s fresh, colorful, and lovely. Thanks!

– ben