Rails Girls Summer of Code

(kaja santro) #1

Hi there,
we are a team from Berlin and we will work on the Discourse app during the next three months.
If you have any suggestions what we should be looking at, please let us know here!
We are happy to start coding soon

Rails Girls Summer of Code Team Berlin Diamonds

PS. After reading a little bit about the way Discourse builds plugins, I want to specify, that we are mainly firm in Ruby and Rails and less in JS and Ember. If you have suggestions in this field, we would be happy to hear them! :slight_smile:

(Régis Hanol) #2

Go Team :gem:


(Mittineague) #3

My suggestion would be to work on something that interests and excites you so much you would rather code than eat or sleep.

Fixing Bugs is always welcome

Working on a popular Feature request would bring some smiles

And there’s Pull Request Welcome topics
Topics tagged pr-welcome

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

Within the #feature category, there are a number of integration requests. Perhaps you want to hit a bunch of smaller tasks by developing them?


A specific request (from me) would be to work on some of the ideas to extend the timeline functionality. I’d personally love to see bookmarks, topic solution, staff posts, highly liked posts, large time gaps, etc. appear on the timeline in an easy to see way.

(David Taylor) #5

Just an FYI so we don’t all work on the same thing, I’m working on a number of these integrations as part of the new discourse-chat plugin.