announcements For completed features, currently or soon to be run in production.
Category definition for Feature [feature] (2)
Send Promotion PMs ( 2 ) [feature] (22)
New search operator "not" ( 2 ) [feature] (35)
Better handling of site settings with large amount of content (big lists) [feature] (16)
Q how to set private forum? [feature] (3)
Run custom ads? [feature] (1)
Extend S3 Configuration for DigitalOcean Spaces [feature] (4)
Sort tagged topics by creation date [feature] (7)
Check whether a category name is available. API dry-run / custom slug? [feature] (8)
Allow adding tags as a custom subject format for emails [feature] (5)
Limit Tag Creation To Staff [feature] (4)
Category-wise RTL direction forcing [feature] (2)
Set language interface on bulk invite [feature] (1)
Customize invite message also for "invite others to a topic" [feature] (8)
Ordering search results by total number of likes in topic [feature] (7)
Ability to Follow and Friend other users ( 2 3 4 5 ) [feature] (97)
Option to not truncate GitHub/GitLab onebox [feature] (5)
Android live notifications are now in core! [announcements] (19)
Change Send As in Email Notifications [feature] (18)
Request: a digest version of personal notifications [feature] (5)
Request: a one-time informed consent to reply-notifications [feature] (1)
Adds support for label and for attribute on select-kit [feature] (1)
0 second post wait? [feature] (11)
Different landing page for desktop vs mobile theme? [feature] (13)
Create a "reports index" page [feature] (3)
Pros & Cons topics [feature] (4)
Moderator flags as inappropriate should hide post [feature] (4)
Feature Idea: Universal Inline Whispers ( 2 3 ) [feature] (45)
Automatically create category when creating new group [feature] (3)
Suggestion: Get notifications when people vote in polls [feature] (5)