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Discussion about existing Discourse features, how they can be improved or enhanced, and how proposed new features could work.

Progressive Web Application (PWA) ( 2 3 ) [feature] (48)
Simplified HTML emails ( 2 ) [feature] (23)
Is it possible to have custom fields in topics? [feature] (1)
GNU/Linux icon? (this one is harder) [feature] (2)
Login history says "Linux Computer", not "GNU/Linux Computer" [feature] (3)
A way for admins to edit users' external IDs [feature] (8)
Option(s) to opt out of all third party requests [feature] (2)
How about 'mentioning topic' feature? ( 2 3 ) [feature] (50)
Harden Referrer-Policy Header [feature] (1)
Show badges on post? [feature] (3)
Tags and spaces [feature] (3)
Advanced Search Before and after [feature] (2)
Allow only (x) consecutive replies in the same topic [feature] (11)
Move scroll progress bar below header on mobile [feature] (2)
Passwordless/QR code login ( 2 ) [feature] (33)
Proposing a left-aligned slide out hamburger menu ( 2 3 ) [feature] (43)
Would it be worth resizing uploaded images (to save space)? [feature] (20)
Automated draft hints [feature] (7)
Using discourse as a company-wide email platform [feature] (2)
Rake task for merging users ( 2 ) [announcements] (36)
Supporting multiple SSO secrets with Discourse as provider [feature] (8)
Rate-limit first-responders in specific categories [feature] (6)
Chat Plugin features ( 2 ) [feature] (37)
Housing documents ( 2 ) [feature] (22)
Hiding specific categories or sub-categories from "suggested topics" [feature] (4)
Post Rate Limit Trigger for a topic that's heating up [feature] (10)
Liberapay integration [feature] (8)
Mailing-list-like sign-up process [feature] (12)
Ability to remove my choice in a poll [feature] (5)