announcements For completed features, currently or soon to be run in production.

Help us to test the HTML pasting ( 2 ) [feature] (28)
Category definition for Feature [feature] (2)
Automatically add moderators / staff when using Make Personal Message? [feature] (9)
You can use zero width spaces to make a (seemingly) five character title [feature] (4)
Embed Discourse comments with on-page commenting? ( 2 ) [feature] (28)
Allow admins to view all Trust Level promotions [feature] (2)
Animated Avatar Group Based [feature] (8)
Drag-and-drop reordering in /admin broken? [feature] (4)
Impersonating a user [feature] (7)
Which forum members create the most work for staff? [feature] (6)
Notify group owners when added and removed [feature] (8)
Speedy Alternate Account Creation Loophole (3 alts per min!) [feature] (12)
Pasted Link Topic Notification Email Does Not Show the Link [feature] (1)
Smilies in internal links is not shown, bug? [feature] (1)
Allow me to disable emojis in topic titles [feature] (11)
Extend S3 configuration for other s3 API compatible cloud storage solutions ( 2 ) [feature] (32)
Passwordless signin via email link ( 2 ) [feature] (22)
Default category ( 2 ) [feature] (30)
Restrict domain name autolinking so M.Sc and B.Sc are not auto linked ( 2 ) [feature] (33)
Confusion between backup "frequency" and "period" [feature] (6)
Notification When Pinned Post Expires [feature] (4)
Alternative subject for group pm email notifications [feature] (8)
Spec: set group default category notification settings [feature] (11)
Discourse 2.0.0.beta3 Release Notes [announcements] (1)
Go to bottom of long message [feature] (12)
Create custom flags [feature] (9)
Import data from e.g Amazon like ISBN etc (A extended onebox solution for Amazon) ( 2 ) [feature] (26)
Two Factor local login proposal ( 2 ) [feature] (36)
Form submission plugin? [feature] (16)
Oneboxed gfycat slower than embedded video [feature] (17)