announcements For completed features, currently or soon to be run in production.

Category definition for Feature [feature] (2)
All topics in a category should be confirmed before publication [feature] (15)
Webhook for new users [feature] (2)
Average character count stats for user [feature] (7)
Default categories watching/muted in group levels [feature] (1)
Tracking how many users are currently viewing/following a topic [feature] (3)
Keep pinned posts in Categories list [feature] (9)
Problematic IP address fields ( 2 ) [feature] (24)
Media fragments in webm file [feature] (6)
How to use staff tags properly? [feature] (19)
Adding Custom field to Topics [feature] (8)
Accessibility audit and shepherd for making improvements ( 2 ) [feature] (21)
Invite someone to join and give them a staged user account [feature] (20)
Semi-private Discourse forum? [feature] (16)
Random colors for imported categories [feature] (9)
Theme Creator, create and show themes without installing Discourse! [announcements] (19)
403s returned if you have multiple users from one office [feature] (8)
Feature request: filter by staged on admin user list [feature] (3)
Date Type On Custom User Fields [feature] (3)
New topic permission type: only particular group AND topic owner to post replies [feature] (16)
Category wise SMEs [feature] (7)
Letting users choose whether to show Full Name [feature] (3)
Discourse based roles/access on Discord [feature] (5)
Shared Drafts: Allow staff to collaborate on posts before publishing [announcements] (3)
What exactly are the effects of "allow user locale" ( 2 ) [feature] (36)
Assign should invite? [feature] (2)
Post template at Topic Level [feature] (8)
:thinking: dont put emoji name in topic slugs ( 2 ) [feature] (27)
When embedding a post into social networks, emojies makes no sense, especially in non-English text [feature] (6)
Message 'receiver' not in view until they reply [feature] (4)