Re-Send failed e-mails

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Is this now a function in Discourse? How do I access it?

I had an issue with my email settings on a new Discourse setup and would like to re-send all my invites and any other e-mails that failed.

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Does anyone know the answer?

That’s quite an old topic, that feature was added in 2014.

That specific feature is about re-sending invites only, you can see it associated with invites you’ve sent on your profile:

I don’t believe there’s a way to resend other emails from within the Discourse interface and it would needed to be done via command line on your server. I don’t know the exact steps for that, but depending on the importance of the missed emails, it may be more trouble than it’s worth.


Thank you for your reply.

I would love to know how to re-send failed e-mails, in fact, there should be a button one can click on the failed e-mail list to re-send once the e-mail settings have been fixed.
Or perhaps discourse should re-try a number of times/days on error.

It’s pretty important in my case, as I had hundreds of invites after I imported my old forum to discourse. Nobody got their invites!

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Did you test sending invites beforehand?

New mail domains or domains sending from a different host can be pretty spotty early on.

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Sadly, no. Live and learn!

I did however test e-mail functionality at at that time it worked fine. Somewhere between then and the time I did mass-invites mail stopped working. It was a server issue, but this could really happen anytime. I’m surprised there’s no way to re-send failed e-mails!