Reactions page glitches view when attempting to fetch more posts where no more posts exist

With the reactions plugin turned on.

  1. Find a user who has had a few reactions to their posts
  2. Visit the reactions page on a user’s profile: /activity/reactions
  3. Scroll down to the bottom

The page attempts to fetch more posts and a spinner glitches the page up and down.

I’ve not shared a video as it would reveal user info, so hopefully this screenshot with the pending requests is good enough.

Thanks for investigating.

I got something different here on Meta checking your reactions:


Noticed that too. It works to check your own, but not anyone else’s reactions.

@Firepup650 Ah yes, of course I can check on here. :facepalm:

I’ve checked my own Activity > Reactions and I see the glitch.

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I can ditto for mine, I suppose we need two separate reports on that page now, lol. (Shakes for the account owner, and is denied to others)

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I can repro the ‘Access Denied’ issue when using a non-admin/anon account.

I’m not seeing the same glitch for the bouncing page. I do get a small one, but not as much as the video. Is this because of the browser? (I tried with Firefox)


Yes. Firefox is fine, Chrome and Edge are not


I experienced the issue using Chrome Version 120.0.6099.234 on macOS Sonoma.

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The access-denied issue appears to be a regression from a recent change, it should now be fixed with this commit:

Logged in users should be able to see the reactions given by users from the Activity tab on the user profile again.

The other issue of repeated requests and page jumpiness still needs further investigating.


This should be fixed with this commit:

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