Readability Score (a-la HemingwayApp)

Hidyho discourtesans

Every now and again, I like to post well-written topics. I have an idea or a position I want to express, and I want it to come across clearly, albeit in a way that invites discussions. To do this, I like to use HemingwayApp, which parses the text and highlights issues with style (not grammar or punctuation).

Leaving aside license or portability issues, I’m going to assume that there is some javascript magic that can be done in Discourse to help improve the quality of the prose. I don’t know, something like write-good - npm ?

I’ve done a quick search on this forum to see if anyone else has proposed similar plugins before, but I came up empty. Perhaps this is not widely needed, or is done in some other way ? Enlighten me, please.


Unlikely to ever be in core but fine as a plugin. Also, HemingwayApp supports Markdown export, so for those rare times when you’re composing long form content for a forum post you can type it up in Hemingway and then export the final thing.


The general fix is to use your preferred editor to compose posts instead of a <TEXTAREA> on a webpage. I use the “It’s All Text” add-on in Firefox to edit things in my preferred editor, xterm -e vim

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Thanks @erlend_sh and @elijah

I’m satisfied with these suggestions.