Real Time Analysis

I use Discourse as a forum and coaching centre for people addicted to alcohol. We want the ability to see who is online so we can approach them to facetime or WhatsApp. Is there a way of seeing who is online on Discourse at any one time?

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Yes, you can go to /admin/users/list/active?order=seen anytime to see when members are online or were last seen.


Thanks, Tobias. As you can see from my screenshot, I can’t see the “List” part of your direction.

In your screenshot I can see who has been seen recently and who is online now. If you select the SEEN column header you can sort by last seen. What additional info do you need?

It shows that Craig was on34-minutes ago, but that doesn’t mean he is still online though, right? So what we have is a best estimate?

What you see in the seen column is not an estimate… that is when the user was last on the forum.

So you could start with users that appear as <1min. Otherwise there’s also a “who’s online” plugin, but I believe it pulls data from that same source.

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Thanks for your help, but it seems the easiest way to do this is to create a Whatsapp group where people can ping each other when they need to talk to each other.

I am not really following. Maybe you could explain your use case in some more detail?

You could also consider setting up a linked Discord server to facilitate ‘who’s online’ and chat.

The Discourse forum could handle less ‘idle’ , Topic specific, discussion.